La RAAM 2003: Tragédie sur la course. Communiqué officiel.

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Insight Race Across America 2003
Wednesday, June 18, 2003 9:00AM RAAM Time


(Pie Town, New Mexico) – It’s a nightmare that no one in ultra marathon cycling dares to imagine.

Brett Malin, a 30-year old expert road bike racer from Vail, Colorado, died this morning in an accident on the Race Across America route. In a horrifying sequence of events, Brett, a member of the talented 4-Person Men’s Team Vail – Go Fast, was struck and killed by an 18-wheel tractor trailer rig coming from the opposite direction on a two-way highway (U.S.60) at around 2:30AM E.S.T.

It appears the truck driver tried to avoid Brett as the collision occurred along the shoulder of the west bound lane.

This is unfamiliar territory for Race Across America. In 20 previous transcontinental races, some 60,000 open road miles, no racer had ever lost their life. All of this is supposition to the unbearable loss the entire RAAM community is feeling. This is not supposed to happen and everyone is devastated.

The shock of this tragedy is reaching other racers along the route. Almost everyone knew Brett, he was that kind of young man.

In the days to come, while trying to carry on and cover the race properly, we will attempt to honor Brett Malin by sharing with you information about his young life. He was an energized man with a child like love of life, and cycling. He got excited and wasn’t afraid to show it. He shined in a TV interview with him on Sunday in San Diego. He used words like, “Awesome!”, “Cool!” and “Wow!” He cut his hair minutes before the start Monday and even in that small event he found joy. “Feels Good!”, he beamed, feeling the remaining stubble.

This is pain. This is not right. But it is real.